Well Hello!

Every now and again something amazing happens! After doing a lot of soul searching and self reflection, we find our purpose. It has always been there but finally we catch it. We realize and understand exactly what we are meant to do with this gift of life that we have been given. Why we were put on this earth and how we can contribute to the global community. I want to share mine with you!! My purpose is to be a helper and a healer. I have NO IDEA how I am going to accomplish this beyond my normal day to day life but it’s gotta happen!

I have tried to fight it during different times in my life, mostly out of fear. For me, failure is a big block in my life. That looming “what if” that stops me from moving forward and living the life I am truly capable of. Ever dealt with this? Now is my chance to seize my dreams and move forward. The fear is still there and louder than ever but I am pushing past it.

English was never my best class, grammar is a mystery to me and I only started reading books after high school. This is going to be such a steep learning curve and exciting new journey. I cannot wait to push all my boundries outward and expand. I also can’t wait to meet you! Explore the world in new ways and hopefully make new connections.

Please join me on my journey! I want as much feedback as possible, meet as many new friends as I can and build a community based in love, growth and freedom to become amazing no matter where you came or are starting from!!

Cheers and love!!!